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New Mexico Candles Handmade by The Author

Wolves and Fear    06/10/04
          Before you take the word of an activist, you need to check on the ground.

Disgust and Despair: Abu Ghraib    04/30/04
          I am Ashamed.

Lighthearted Whimsy    05/03/04
          An apology and a prediction

Etiquette    05/03/04
          More than the proper fork

Random Quotes    11/09/03
          not exactly, but rather picked and chosen

The Problem    09/22/03
          We've all seen problems come and go

This Will Be Nothing    08/10/03
          This, about nothing

The Perfect Life    08/30/03
          A solution

Advice from C. J. Cherryh    04/28/04
          A Writer's shortcut to stronger writing.

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